August 12, 2009

another day in the shitter

I seem to be having an awful lot of bad days lately. Today was lousy. I missed my exercise. I'm not even sure I would have done it, if I'd even had the time, because the humidity had me panting just walking. Tomorrow is a rest day according to the calendar, but I will just have to make up my medium-length run I missed today.

Went to tech the Fringe show and we discovered Fringe LIED to us. Told us we had four hours for tech, when we really only had two. "A typo" they said. I think I did a pretty good job on the lights with what I had, but will hopefully get time to clean up the cuing before the show opens Sunday. I know Fringe isn't the bottom of the barrel, but it's close.

We then all went to a local food and drink establishment for a paper tech - basically a long meeting to get the order of the various cues figured out, without actors. We have a lot of tech on this one and the stage manager is certainly earning his pay. Well, one thing and another, that lasted until 5.

Then the D train. The goddamn MTA doesn't know what the fuck it's doing and anybody who says otherwise is either a blind fool or a shill for the MTA. I got stuck on an un-airconditioned car and it took an HOUR to go four express stops, all the while getting periodically bumped in the back by a woman with a huge purse who refused to set it on the floor or whatever. No, she's gotta be rude and keep banging people with it.

My oven is broken. Gas is going, but it's no longer lighting itself. I don't know when I'll have time to call for and wait for a repairman, which I'm sure will cost too much. In the meantime, I invested fifty bucks in a giant countertop convention oven slash toaster. At least my evening meals are back in business and I might actually go back to eating toast in the mornings, which I haven't done since undergrad. Of course, that will necessitate more insulin.

SPEAKING OF WHICH... I have my endo appointment tomorrow. I just spent most of two hours transferring my logs from to the diabetes center's paper forms. By hand. I'm realizing that I didn't get everything recorded while I was on my motorcycle trip. But I was getting better at it as the trip went on. Perhaps the paper forms are better - easier to lay it all out and see trends. I don't know.

To end on a good note, I have tracked down my old band teacher, who was my first diabetic role model. Insulin and all. I have emailed him and I hope he'll write back. Or perhaps, like me, he is not too keen on voices from the past. We shall see. I'm just glad to know he's OK and still teaching music to kids.


Christie said...

Good luck with your appointment. And I hope your next training day is a good one. What instrument did you play in band?

Christie said...
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