August 24, 2009

half-marathon point reached

This was a 13.4 mile run that got interrupted partway through. The iPhone or the app stopped tracking. Dammit.

So much going on right now. I will summarize yesterday's run by saying that after a week of nearly NO running (heat, humidity, busy blah blah blah), I was not expecting a good run; but it was actually a very high quality run. Maybe not particularly fast, but if you look at the splits for the first 9 miles, you can see how well things were going. Those splits aren't terribly accurate, due to the error in tracking, but I was definitely averaging sub-12-minute miles for the first 10.

After that, it got hard. Very hard. I struggled through the last 3.4 miles of the run, but feel overall it was a quality workout. (And my legs are certainly feeling it today!) It was warm and VERY humid, but amazingly my lungs felt great - my untrained legs turned out to be the limiting factor. I was even able to keep the shin splints at bay. I felt well-hydrated and more-or-less comfortable the whole time, even if I couldn't get the sweat to evaporate!

The prep for the run wasn't great. I ran lights for my Fringe show due to crew staffing problems, so on Saturday I did that twice, with a short 2 mile run in Central Park in between. My dinner was a giant bagel w/ creamcheese and lox - not quite enough for dinner, but I was too tired to cook when I got home. So imagine my surprise at how well the first 10 miles went.

Post run, I did the whole ritual. Lots of stretching, ice bath, hot shower. Slept for three hours after, went to run lights for my show one last time, then came home and slept well last night. Took two Endurolytes after my run, to replace the salt I lost - it was encrusting various parts of my body.

I need to order more Endurolytes, Sustained Energy, and Hammer bars. Probably time to get some goo, too. Will probably order single shot packets, as I don't go through gel fast enough to make the big jugs worth it, and I'd like to carry around a packet or two to combat unexpected blood sugar lows.

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