July 18, 2009


So training run #4 was also not according to book. I woke up early enough for a cool-ish run, but knew instantly I'd not be doing 4 miles. Perhaps I pushed too hard yesterday at the gym, perhaps I still couldn't handle the humidity, which was about 60% when I ran. It has since dropped to a more comfortable 40%, though the day has gotten hotter.

Anyway, I determined to do 2 miles and not push it. I could not believe how hard these two miles felt - I'm a marathoner? It wasn't so much legs or lungs specifically, just a lack of energy all around. So either yesterday's workout was indeed too hard, or something else was off. I realized after I finished and was taking some Novolog so I could go have a coffee & muffin that I'd forgotten my Lantus last night. And, in fact, my blood sugars rose from 98 before my run (OK) to 165 after my run (still in normal range, but a little high for post-workout readings). So perhaps I was simply not equipped to use the glucose in my bloodstream this morning. Right, mistake noted.

I am re-testing the Nike+ system. My old sensor had bitten the dust - or at least once I found it, I couldn't get it to wake up and be read by either my nano or my iPhone, so while getting my iPhone replaced at the Apple Store on Monday, I picked up a new sensor. My old holster fits the new 3G form factor nicely and the new iPhones don't require a little dongle to pick up the accelerometer signal. Still with me? So I synced the new accelerometer to my iPhone and off I went. Out of the box, with a confusing mix of running and walking, my iPhone thought I did 2.25 miles. Not bad, since I did, I believe, exactly 2.0 -- so I set the calibration and we'll see how it goes next time.

But I also want to test a free iPhone App I found called RunKeeper. I tested it out on my walk from DD to Costco and back home and really like that it uses the GPS to keep track of where you are and can upload the run to the company website, where you can then log in and see times, distances, and maps.

So which one will I use tomorrow, when I get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go do 6.7 miles?? Tune in tomorrow and find out!

IN THE MEANTIME -- I haven't seen any threads or blog posts in a long while on running music - so let's get some lists going! I want to add to my collection. I'll tell you that yesterday, my entire workout at the gym was to a CD of Saturday morning cartoon covers by various bands. Most of them hi uptempo stuff. I'll post some specifics when I get back from Niketown, where I'm going to attempt to drop off non-Nike kicks for recycling.

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