June 12, 2009

You're the best...a-round...

Wow it got humid! Rained all morning and then the sun came out, resulting in 76 degrees and 75% humidity. This is very near my go/no-go of 80/80. But... go I did. Extended my daily short route to 2-3/8 miles. It really hurt on the way out - knees, hips, ankles...a product, I still believe, of that last hard weights workout. But things got better after the first mile was done and the return trip was nearly flawless. It helps that it's mostly downhill, of course. :)

I was listening to Coverville and Brian mentioned - didn't even play, mind you - that Karate Kid song. "You're the best. Around. ....."

This got stuck in my head, of course, and contributed to the good second mile. I considering extending the run to a third mile, but as I had not brought water with me and was already getting a headache from dehydration, decided to tackle that another day.

So the question of the day is: would you sweep the knee?

A little reward for the run: coffee and a muffin from the bodega. I felt weird going into a food place without a shirt, but what the hell. I wanted a muffin. 2 units of Novolog in, muffin in...mmmmmm good. This reminds me: hanging out at the diabetes forum, I have begun to feel sorry for Type IIs. Those poor suckers can't simply decide to have a muffin and then take insulin to cover. They have insulin resistance, so their best strategy is primarily to reduce carbs. Poor bastards.

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