June 13, 2009

Rest day

Saw "Not About Romanian Cinema", a 2-hour dance/installation piece at St. Mark's last night. Many interesting segments and some very fascinating use of cubes designed by Ralph Lee that this artist has been using for a decade. The cubes had sides that could be put on and taken off and which acted as projection screens. Fascinating, configurable, flexible - perfect for dance & multimedia.

It was all lit by my friend Rie, and so we hung out after with her two friends who helped organize this performance. We ended up at a Ukranian restaurant that is so well-hidden that even though I used to go to school in the area, I had no idea it was there.

And I will be going back! We hit the restaurant just shades before midnight and most of the people there were in the back room dancing, so it was pretty much just us four. We ordered some beers and then my three companions had borscht while I indulged in the most awesome, incredibly good challah french toast ever.

I tried to guesstimate the amount of carbs I was about to eat and took 2 units of insulin to cover - probably should have taken three, but it was a close guess. Two hours later, I was at 258, so not too high. It was also my first experience (not seeing a restroom close by) shooting up at the table. Our producer-type companion (I forget her name just now) noticed by meter and asked if I were diabetic or pre. What a precise question! Turns out her niece is diabetic. I also made a bit of show-and-tell regarding the insulin pen as I took my dose, expounding on how freakishly simple and pain-free the whole thing is and how I thank my lucky stars this isn't twenty years ago.

I feel good this morning; mentally and physically, but tired. I have a busy day tomorrow, including a stoop sale and a 9-mile run, so I'm resting today - watching NCAA track & field finals and doing laundry. For the first time since diagnosis, I am truly calm and at peace with this diabetes. Last night made me realize that I'm already developing the habits I will need to manage this the rest of my life - and it's just not that hard.

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A man that does laundry! Ahhh!