February 28, 2009


Just as I'm starting to bounce back from the flu (I've been wiped out this whole week, too), and decide to go for a couple slow miles on the road today, what little problem decides to pay me a visit today? Gout. I guess I should count myself lucky… it's not a big attack and I haven't had one since last March. Waiting another day before my return to the road isn't going to matter - my lungs are junky as hell and it isn't going to be very much fun anyway.

I have a doctor's appointment for Monday. We'll do some PFTs and get a sputum sample and see where we're at. I don't want to go on IVs again, so soon after the last time, but having gotten so sick may require it. I'm hoping, instead, that we let the cultures cook and see what orals may be effective against my current infections.

One thing's for sure: I've got about a month to get back into decent shape. One month until the Brooklyn Half. And only three weeks until the Colon Cancer Challenge half-marathon. I'll admit I may be walking most of that one!

I can honestly say that I don't recall ever having been as sick as I was when I had the flu. The recovery is slow. But the timing was all good - it would have been a disaster if this had all happened in August.

EDIT: Whoops, the Brooklyn Half isn't until the end of MAY according to the current calendar. Plenty of time to get my health and fitness back on track, if not to train for a PR.

Also, I got notice that I have officially earned my slot for NY Marathon 2009. Guess I'll have to put in the application soon.