February 20, 2009

Flu & related opportunistic infections Day 8

After taking a turn for the worse yesterday, including a return to the full-on raging fever and shaking chills, I cleared up quite a lot overnight. I actually got some decent sleep and woke up feeling ...oh... let's say 50%. I am learning real quick the fine art of not over-doing it during recovery. My worry is that two more days before I return to teaching is not going to be quite enough. I can put off the one-day client, but it's a real problem to have to cancel my night class.

I did call my doctor yesterday, early, before I started feeling terrible again. Not my doctor, actually, because she's on vacation, but the replacement doctor seemed competent. We agreed I should stay on cipro and she called in another scrip for it to Duane Reade so I'd have enough supply to do a full two weeks of it.

Anyway, things aren't too bad today. I've switched from Tylenol to ibuprofen, in an attempt to control this somewhat roller-coaster fever. Aches & pains are at a minimum and my biggest problem is just exhaustion. Appetite is returning and I'm planning sushi for tonight. I'm doing therapy three times a day right now and that, too, seems to helping with my lungs. The problem with someone with CF getting the flu, of course, is that the ever-present lung infection can get out of control at the same time. I'm pretty sure that has been a contributing factor here.

So I had enough energy today to go to Time Warner store and have my digital phone line shut off and exchange my cable box for a HD cable box. I also had the energy to shower, shave, and cut 6" off my ponytail, which neatens up the bottom end quite a bit and makes it easier to manage. But after all that and a run to Costco, I was wiped out and took a nap when I got home.

I don't honestly know when I'll run next. I can't imagine expending that kind of energy is good for me right now, but I do have some upcoming races I don't want to miss.