February 9, 2008

I am reversed

What a trainwreck.

As good as yesterday's run was, today's was it's evil twin, goatee and all. Nothing went right today, morning, noon, or night. Clusterfuck goddamn trainwreck. I haven't had a run this bad in a couple months. Since the Staten Island half in October, actually.

8 miles of misery and pain. Left knee hurt the whole time; couldn't get loose; asthma kept me to a crawl. I walked at least half the distance, I think, clocking about 14 minute miles the whole time. Hills were simply undoable. This whole workout was a seriously f'ed up walk-and-cough-fest. The weather was grey, drizzly, cold, sometimes windy, and dark. The very worst of February.

I'm not even going to download and post the stats. I took my heartrate monitor off after the first mile because I couldn't breathe, but that hardly helped. Absolutely nothing went right in this run. I hope Monday's is better.

--edit 02/17/08--

Portrait of a trainwreck:

I had to take the heart monitor off after I got to the park; I just couldn't breathe.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Guess the 8 wasnt something to remember - sorry! Chalk it up and go forward! You have nearly 2 solid months and warmer weather is coming! Love, Mom