February 15, 2008

I am adjusting my sense of scale

I may have to quit publishing this blog. I was nearly hit by a car (again) and instead of thinking, "oh shit" or "this is gonna hurt," I was thinking only "well, this'll make an interesting blog post." And this was very close this time. Fancy footwork saved me, but I might not be as lucky next time. I am disturbed that my first thought was about what variety such an accident would lend to these rather boring posts. LOL.

I should at least switch the name and address and continue chronicling my runs, but without the overhead of having readers I know about. I wouldn't be the first person to do so, either out of desire or necessity. Beast had to stop publishing his, NYFlyGirl stopped publishing hers for a while, I think Uptown Girl had to switch hers because people at work were reading it... I just think I'd do a lot better if I weren't playing to an imaginary audience. Not to mention that there's some things I'd like to say that I simply can't, knowing who may be reading. I'll have to think about it.

so. Wednesday's run:

This actually happened on Thursday because I was too exhausted on Wednesday, not to mention the non-stop rain. I helped a client with some photoshop on Thursday and then left about 2 o'clock. After getting home, I changed clothes and was out the door by 3:15. It was just about the perfect time in the afternoon to get the run done. And for some reason, it was a really good run. Very little walking (only two real walking periods that I recall) and I felt powerful. I had a sense that I was pushing my legs through thick air, like wading in water, but that it was easy to do. I was pushing off well with each step, too. My lungs cooperated with only moderate coughing.

I wish I could say traffic cooperated, but...there was construction and the usual yahoos who believe that a stop sign means you are to barely pause well past the crosswalk with your nose in the intersection to ensure that nothing bigger than you is about to hit you, then floor it. I can usually see these guys coming if they're on my side of the street, but it's harder to catch them if they're coming from across the intersection. These guys are even more dangerous, because after barely pausing, they hit the gas, intent on beating not only other traffic, but ME. I've been cut off in this way more often than I can remember. Failing to yield right of way really pisses me off. I want every single one of these assholes to lose their license, whether or not they've ever had prior offenses. They are DANGEROUS DRIVERS and they do nothing to convince me that our current driving laws or licensing practices are severe enough.

I'm not so stupid as to think they all HAVE licenses, either. And if you're driving without a license...it's time to think about jail time and deportation. No, I don't think that's overkill. It won't take too much of that before everybody refreshes their memories on what the driving code actually says and start driving accordingly.

So. The run was pretty good. Certainly should have been, since I didn't run since Monday and that was only about a mile and a half, due to the 11 degrees I was running in. Just too cold to run in without some acclimation. And because it was so good, five miles has become my old three miles. I can do this. Three now seems short. Which is a good thing, because as long as every run seems SO LONG, training isn't much fun at all.

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