January 21, 2008

I am taking today off

Yesterday was a full rest day. Good thing, too, since I woke up with a hell of a head cold and spent most of the day tired and miserable, finding it very hard to concentrate enough to get any work done.

Today is an improvement, but I'm not completely over my cold. Schedule calls for 3 miles. If it were twenty degrees warmer, I might do it, but I'm not going to go out and run in a level of cold (24 degrees) that I'm not seasoned to just yet while still nursing a cold.

And somehow, I don't think it's wise to go to the gym and do the three on a treadmill, either. Something about not exposing dozens of other people to my cold germs.

So I will take a long, slow walk today, soak up some sunshine, and maybe, MAYBE do some core exercises and my ankle weight exercises before I go to bed tonight. Instead, I will take this Martin Luther King, Jr. day and try to get more work done.

I'll try to make up the mileage tomorrow, but I won't sweat it if this turns out to be the one and only dropped run in the schedule so far.

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Anonymous said...

As I sit here wrapped in my L.L. Bean down coat, wondering why I live in a motor home (and I am not parked on a beach in Key West), I don't doubt at all that running in 24 degree weather isn't smart except if you are running for a bus to go collect your lottery winnings. Take the time to enjoy the snowflakes, ice crystals and the hot chocolate. Love Mom