January 19, 2008

I am let down again

Well, another potential running partner has failed to meet me - and he contacted me! Shit.

Cold, grey day. I felt like shit getting up this morning - like I had the beginnings of a cold. I didn't sleep well last night and I had knee pain in the middle of the night. A lot of knee pain. What kind of stresses can I put on knees while PRONE??

I didn't want to do this run. Still, I drank some tea, took some 8-hour Tylenol, waited for both to kick in, then left for Central Park. I didn't really think about this run, much, only that I had to finish six miles, for better or for worse.

This was a cold, unhappy, lumpy run, full of walking and coughing. You can see from the graph how many walk breaks I took. I admit that some of them were NOT because I winded but that I just wanted to walk for a little bit. I had zero motivation today. Fortunately, the run itself was not a complete waste - it was clearly a workout for my legs and body, judging by how I've felt the rest of the day - and you can see in the chart that I only walked twice in the last two miles. Easy enough since those are mostly downhill. I also am pleased with my watch recalibration. It seems that the accepted distance from some 2003 survey is that the park loop is 6.1 miles - and my watch measured 6.097. Beeps announcing the mile splits were coming just about where I expected them. So I feel a lot more confidence that my watch is measuring my distances accurately.

Tomorrow is a rest day - and it has to be because I have a lot of work to do - and then Monday will be a 3-mile tempo run combined with some work in the gym with core exercises and weights and maybe that adult beginners swim class.

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