July 4, 2007

Jamestown run, Glacier run

Very quickly, since I'm on a borrowed computer, posting via WiFi at a KOA near Glacier National Park...j

Two mornings ago, did an almost- three mile run with fellow rider Ron, who is a marathon runner. It was a difficult run for me, with a LOT of coughing, but Ron was patient. He did some strides later, at his regular 5K pace. Coincidentally, he, too, is recovering from Achilles problems. We did this run in Jamestown, ND, a little burg of not much worth other than as a stop on the great highway of life.

Tonight, we are camped at a KOA near Glacier National Park, which we'll see tomorrow morning before continuing on up into Canada. Ron and I are planning a three miler to the intersection of the KOA access road and the main route 89, which is about a mile and a quarter from here and about 300 vertical feet down. The climb back should be quite a workout!

Don't know when I'll be able to post again, so here's to all the runners out there who run on the road and to Mom and Dad: I've got no cell phone signal, so have a happy July 4th! Also, I can't remember your new email addresses, or else you would have gotten an email, too.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to be at Glacier! It is somewhere I need to get to and soon, since the glaciers shrinking.

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bob said...

Glacier national park is pretty much free of glaciers now, having just been there last year about this time. You'll need to go to Canada to see any close up. I'm sure Cris will comment on that when he returns.