July 13, 2007

Arctic Circle run

A few days ago, I ran in Whitehorse, Yukon, where Robert Service wrote a couple of his most facorite poems (others written in Dawson City later), including "The Shooting of Dangerous Dan McGrew". Took some pics of the old surviving paddlewheel steamer they've preserved there. A short run, but much better than the one up at Lake...can't remember the name right now; it's along the Alaska Highway just short of Tok in Canada. There's a lodge there that's very nice, anyway.

To the point: I ran this morning AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE! It is not nearly as cold or barren as one would suppose. I know it's high summer, but still...it's warmer at the circle right now than in many places in lower Canada. I woke up to 70 degrees for my run, which turned out to be a hell of a hill workout. The elevation must be pretty high there. Anyway, it's an interesting enough place - the Dalton Highway parallels the Alaskan pipeline and that is fascinating to look at - quite an oddity. And the whole tundra area is bizarre, especially now, since there was a 7 million acre wildfire recently and the hills are COVERED in fire-flower - a BRIGHT pink flower. So the whole area is a patchwork of green tundra grasses & trees and this pink wildflower. Great stuff. Haven't dealt with the famous Alaskan mosquitos except at the arctic circle - they are minimal everywhere else, so far.

Gotta go; only paid for fifteen minutes of time.


Laurie said...

How cool! I am sure that will be a run you will always remember. It is fun running in places where you travel.

I hope you are having a great trip!

runliarun said...

You ran in Bermuda on the beach and in Alaska at the Arctic Circle? Wow!