May 17, 2007


Swim, bike, run...that's what makes a triathlon. And for the first time, yesterday, I had the chance to do all three in one workout. Kinda. :)

I was done teaching a little early, so I indulged in renting a scooter from the local livery place so I could zip around the island a little bit. About an hour of aimless riding in, I came across a charming little beach with a marked section of the Rail Trail next to it, so I decide to navigate back to the hotel, change into running clothes, and come back to that spot.

Riding the scooter was a hoot. So much easier than riding a full motorcycle, yet so much twitchier, too. I don't like the automatic transmission on those things, but it is easy to use. I saw all parts of Bermuda in just a couple hours of riding. Best of all, they don't require a driver's license! Of course, driving on the left side of the road takes some getting used to...

Once I got back to Shelley Park, I headed out for a run on the Rail Trail. This thing is very hilly and has more kinds of terrain than I can count. I can see why people buy trail shoes for trail running - way too easy to twist an ankle on random terrain. Still, I gamely attacked it and was really enjoying myself. The trail ended abruptly and I was confused...I know the trail is longer than what I'd run (and as it turns out, I'm right...but not accessible from where I was). I turned around and went back to the beach park, which made the trail run just shy of two miles. A brief, but very intense, workout. I didn't have time to run the route twice, but I did have time to take off my shoes and go wading in the ocean a little bit. The water was very warm and ultra clear. Truly a pleasure.

I can't recommend Bermuda highly enough. It was just one of the best placest I've been. Not too touristy, and not too third-world. (Which I wouldn't expect of a British colony anyway). I've experienced the Bahamas and Virgin Islands with throngs of little kids swarming the tourists to beg change from them. No thanks. Bermuda is a dignified place for the most part, and quite beautiful in all corners.

I did take pictures! When I get the photo CD back, I'll post them here.

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Steve said...

Sounds like your having a blast there. Much better than Vegas huh.