December 4, 2006

Plan of action

1) Keep my eyes on the prize: NY Marathon. Houston is not worth a stress fracture.
2) Build a solid base February, March, and April
3) Absolutely rigid training schedule starting in June. In bed same time every night, out of bed same time every morning - 8 hours of sleep on the button.
4) Speedwork once a week.
5) Find a running partner.
6) Crosstraining a must; I must do some research on this. Bicycle yes, swimming maybe.
7) Core exercises and weights 4x week.
8) Stretching and foam rolling every single day.


runliarun said...

What is foam rolling? There's so much stuff I have to learn.

Lora said...

Sounds like a great plan. Let us know how it's working out as it goes along.
I like your main goal being the NYC Marathon--I'm putting myself in the lottery again. So maybe I'll get to run with you!