December 11, 2006

Monday fast 5K

I keep referring to this trips up to the park and back as 5Ks, because that's what my watch says, but the fact is, it's a 3.4 mile run. This is why I say my watch is off by about 6%. Gotta fix that.

Monday's run was impulsive, fast, and completely ill advised, but it was a lot of fun. I'd taught all day Monday and had to return Tuesday (for a total of 20 hours of teaching in two days), so of course it was dark when I did this, but the weather was warm and I just felt like I needed the run. I paid particular attention to keeping up my pace throughout the run and felt I'd turned in a decent workout.

Again, the splits tell me I'm running slower than I think I am, even adjusted for the real distance. I'm pretty happy with that 10:11 there, but I long for the days when I was running 9:20 miles in the 10K distance... Maybe I can get back to that with some focused speedwork this spring.

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