December 15, 2006

bad run today = good run tomorrow, right?

Bad, bad run today. Very short, deleted it from my watch right away. About a mile, I guess.

Couldn't sleep last night, woke up feeling flu-ish this morning. I thought the run would help at least make my achy joints a little better (and it did), but it was just... well, just not a run I'm proud of. (Not a hangover - two beers over two hours at an office party doesn't produce a hangover.)

Hot Chocolate 10-miler tomorrow. Will do a 5-mile warmup at the very least - seems to be the only way to run these races decently. I'm hoping my past history of bad run one day, good run the next holds and that tomorrow is great.

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DebbieJRT said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be doing a 5k out on Long Island - 10 miles is a long way ;-)