September 12, 2006

an improvement over Saturday

Did a quick 3.4 this morning, 2 lower loops of Central Park, then it was time for physical therapy. The run was OK, not spectacular, but at leat a lot steadier than Saturday's run. Lots of leg pain and some tightness in the lungs and tons of coughing, enough I had to walk a couple of times due to coughing fits. But overall, a better, steadier run, especially on the second loop, than Sat. But it felt like five miles.

I honestly don't know how, when, or if I'm going to get past these leg pains. Things are being done to address it, and that's about all I can do, but I am beginning to get that sense of doom again, like back in March or April when I realized I wouldn't be running the Nashville whole marathon. I really don't want to fail to run my town.

Physical therapy is comforting in its familiarity, but it sure as hell hurts right now. Even the powerplate hurt, and that's never happened before. Things have got to turn around soon. If there's time tomorrow afternoon, I'll put in about five miles in the park, and hopefully another three or four Thursday morning. If the pains start to lessen, I'm going to attempt those 16 miles again on Friday. Ambitious, I know, but I don't see me realistically getting a long run in this weekend - travel plans.

On the plus side, the weather right now is just about perfect. Rain is forecast, but I'm hoping that's just a threat, not a promise.


Lora said...

Its always something aint it??

I personally think you're being punished for insulting Mike's Hard Lemonade!!

runliarun said...

Why "live to run - run to live"?

Brooklyn said...

Nobody's ever asked me that before, Lia.

Two reasons: one, I'm a motorcyclist, who happens to own a Harley Sportster. Because of that, I tend to hang out with a distincly biker-flavored crowd, and much of the attire, accessories, and mindset centers around the motto 'Live to Ride, Ride to Live', meaning riding is a main feature of our lives, but we try to do so in a way that won't get us killed, unlike all those goddamn squids you see squirting around on crotchrockets, rear-wheel-only, wearing nothing but t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Those kids may not be as tough-looking or have bikes as loud as the Harley crowd...but they're gonna die first.

*ahem* back to the topic

Second reason: I don't really much like running, but it has to be a priority. Running is the very best therapy for my Cystic Fibrosis, hence the "run to live" part, and in order to keep at it, I have to make a lot of time for it, for physical therapy, pour a lot of money into it, and keep myself motivated, thus the "live to run" part.

But hey, I'm not as boring as all that sounds; I do a lot of other stuff, too and travel every chance I get. Ah, good times.

Steve said...

Cris, Are there any CF fund raising run/walks that you know of out here on the west coast?