September 18, 2006

Friday's run

Took last Friday off, trying to get prepared for a two week trip. Managed to get myself to the doctor's office for some PFTs. Numbers are down a bit and they put me on Levaquil. (Update: received a phone call saying my culture's show resistance to Levaquil, so we'll be trying Lanasilid next - as soon as I can find a pharmacy. Maybe Sitka, more likely Vancouver or Calgary.) I am feeling junkier these days and have lots more coughing fits and production. I'm a little depressed about it, since I could have put money on this happening about this time and I wonder more and more if I will have to postpone yet another marathon. We'll see, we'll see.

I DID get out for a run. Not the sixteen mile long run that still sits on my schedule like a giant hairy spider, but a good solid six miles, run pretty steadily, no walking except for two coughing fits that wouldn't let up. Legs felt good, very good, and that's a beautiful sign.

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