August 18, 2006

grey, rainy limbo [updated]

I had a difficult run yesterday morning. I left the hotel just as the sun was coming up and started off south toward some museums. Right away I was hit with pain in my right abdomen. I endured it for almost four miles, but did cut my run short. It was too much to take and I had to walk to keep the pain down. 11:30 pace. :( I think it's this damn traveller's diet - no consistency in the foods when I'm on a trip. I haven't moved well in a couple of days and I'm not talking about the running kind of move, if you know what I mean!

I'm taking it easy tonight (going to bed in just a couple of minutes; it's only 9 oclock here) and have tried to eat foods today that I know my body can handle. I'm supposed to meet Lora tomorrow morning for a run. Unfortunately, I'm doing it as a squeeze play: We're starting the run at 7:00 and I really need to be back at the hotel, changed into travel clothes, packed, and checked out by nine a.m. I'm meeting my boss for the next several hours afterward before another friend comes to pick me up and take me to the airport.

I went out last night and cheered for all the runners to the Nike RunHit ReMix. About eleven thousand runners strong; it was far too late for me to sign up and besides, I have to take it easy on these knees and legs until I can get back to therapy, so no unscheduled runs. Instead I made up a couple of signs to cheer on the runners with. I stood out on the course where it goes through a pedestrian underpass, with about 400 yards left to go, and cheered on the runners through a megaphone. I like to think I spurred a few people to pick it up at the end. The following pics are not necessarily in order, and I'm too lazy to correct them.

It's been raining here most of today, but I hope it lifts by tomorrow morning. I'd really like a nice six or eight miles. gonna have to toke up on Ibuprofen and caffeine to do it, tho. gotta get an appointment with the sports doc.

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Steve said...

A megaphone............I love it!