August 15, 2006

5 beautiful miles in Chi-town

So I'm in Chicago for a little bit and this morning I got up with the sun and went for a five-miler along the lake. It was quite an adventure and I'm glad I had the Nike thing to tell me when to turn around. There's really some nice buildings, parks, and public art here in the fancy part of town and I especially enjoyed the mild weather. Lots of joggers were out as well as cyclists. Seems to me the joggers and cyclists here have learned how to share the narrow paths a lot better than the Central Park joggers & cyclists, who can have quite a bit of animosity toward each other. didn't see that here today.

The five miles was slow, I thought, but as I am still hurting from Sunday's long run, I took it easy. Oddly enough, the Nike thing seems to think my pace was just about the same and that I even set a mile PR (at least the iPod thinks so...but with only four runs in its memory, the mile PR is probably just under a 10 minute mile). Chicago isn't truly flat, there are some very mild hills - the stairs up and over the river were probably the steepest part.

Lora left a comment on my previous post, so I emailed her and she called me and yadda yadda yadda, I'm going to join her running group this Saturday morning and put in seven or eight miles. Sounds good. I think eight is the max I want to run - nine at the most - so that I can save my legs a bit for the following weekend's NYC Half-Marathon.

I am worried about the leg pain I've been having for the last couple of days and I think I will have to get back to the doc and back to therapy when I get back to NY. It is very important, too, that I get my orthotics evaluated and modified if necessary. I can't afford to lose miles in this second half of marathon training to injuries that I can prevent now!

Oh, and my boss and I had dinner tonight at a place called Quartino. AWESOME. A+. We are planning on eating there again before we leave town.


LeahC said...

welcome to our city!

the cyclists and runners are usually fine, but every once in a while you get a nice little shout between the two :

Bike "LEFT!!!"
Runner "Where would you like to me to go? On top of the runners that are to my right?"

It's so annoying because I think the cyclists should go out there super early before the runners since they do need to go faster and so on, but trying to get your speedy biking session in at 10am on a Sunday morning, never works :-)

brunettechicagogal said...

Don't even get me started on how much I love running on Chicago's lakefront compared to Central Park. It's orderly, except for a few errant cyclists who think they're riding the Tour de France and continue on at 50 miles an hour no matter how crowded the path is.