June 22, 2006

A sloggy 3.5

Woke up well before my alarm this morning, at about 5:30. Just couldn't sleep, so I got out of bed and was out of the house for a morning run by 6:25 (yeah, yeah, my morning routine is slow, whatever).

I would have guessed, after yesterday's breezes, that the weather would've been cool and mild with clear air, but such was not the case. I didn't realize it right away, but the sky was overcast, the air muggy, and getting warm even so early in the morning. However, it was still significantly cooler than yesterday and so off I went for my park-and-back loop.

The uphills were a real struggle this morning and I had to walk short distances twice to get my coughing under control, but other than that, the run was steady, if slow. My legs felt like splintering peglegs again, not graceful at all. Any pains were mild, but persistent - and I could run with them so I did. Went all the way to the park, touching the black metal car barrier pole thing and twirling around it like a kid while giving my customary whoop of triumph at having made it up to the park - which is always the hard part.

The trot downhill was OK. Fairly smooth, not fast, not a lot easier than going uphill. Had to stop and get a water. I was sweating pretty good. Still, a decent run overall; chalk up another one on the mileage base big board.


LeahC said...

i like the word sloggy :-)

nice job getting out there and getting it done!

Uptown Girl said...

Sometimes what matters is getting those miles in....nice job!