June 14, 2006

rough one

I guess if there is to be an average run and there are good runs, then there must be bad runs too. Today was one of those. Haven't had a run this bad in some time. The shin/calf pain thing was back, though not at the previous levels. Somehow, my body just wouldn't work today. The trip around the cemetary - about three miles - was too tough to be believed and I actually gave up on it and walked the last 3/4 miles home. And there were walk breaks in the first two miles.

In hindsight, I think it was a combination of the heat, humidity, and dehydration. To be sure, my recent neglect of off-day stretching exercises isn't helping, but I was pretty clearly unprepared for a run in these conditions. I've written before of my 80/80 rule - that I can't, or won't, run in temps higher than 80 or humidity higher than 80. Today was 82/70 - right at the limits of my tolerance. It's mostly my lungs that react badly; I don't mind the sweating.

I realized I hadn't had much water over the last couple of days. That should be a big obvious clue.

So, I'm hoping my next couple runs show improvement. I'll head out Friday a.m. early for the 6.7 mile park loop and will have to plan on getting up early Saturday or Sunday to go do 8 in Central Park.

This evening, I gave my lecture on Vectorworks Spotlight at Apple Store SoHo. It went well, and I got a couple of business cards and may be able to get more work through these new contacts. One in particular was VERY important, as it may lead to some independent corporate scenic work. Yipee.

By the way, this came in the email and caused just a moment of sheer panic:


Lora said...

Drink up!! Good luck with the new contact. And as for NYC Marathon--yikes! So exciting!!

Morrissey said...

congrats for the entry to the NYC marathon! damn i wish i was there! :P