June 21, 2006

quick 5K

Yesterday I got up a little early and managed to get out the door by 8 a.m. for a short run. I was very afraid the shin pains would be coming back strong, so I determined to do the flat, short 3+ miles down to the 95th street stop. It was also getting very warm rather quickly. I decided not to push it on this run and see if I could do three steady miles separated by two blocks of walking at each mile point. And that turned out to be almost exactly what happened.

The first mile was good, though my legs, as usual when cold, weren't too coordinated - I always feel like I'm running on stumps at those times. But the mile passed and my breathing was very steady and the cars weren't bothering me too much. I walked two blocks and picked it up again and immediately felt better - as if the two blocks were all I needed to go from warmup to ready-to-run. Fascinating. Halfway down this mile, I switched to the other side of the street and discovered that apparently the sun rises rather later on this side, as it was seven or eight degrees cooler, and not just in the shadows. If I run on that side more often, I think I could do four or five miles for my short runs.

The second half of the run was broken by short traffic stops and was kept interesting by dodging a hell of a lot of people. I find it fascinating how the ethnic, social, health, and income characteristics of the pedestrians I'm dodging changes as the neighborhoods change. Some generalities hold true, but a few do not. I won't get into that now; but people-watching does make the run pass quicker.

After buying a bottle of water, I took the subway back up 4th ave. I had very little shin pain in the whole run; perhaps a little more in the third mile, but nothing that caused me to slow or stop and that's a hopeful sign.

I didn't run this morning, as I was out late last night, but will get up early to make it happen tomorrow morning, probably up to the park and back.

I am trying to get online and sign up for the New York Half Marathon, but the site is farked - too much traffic I guess. I'll try again in a couple of hours.

Finally, I've made an appointment for next Monday to see Doctor Maharam. Here's to getting fixed up!

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