March 31, 2006

more bicycling, packing improvement

Commuted to NYU today by bike again. Shorter commute, but lots more running around. What can you get done when you have a free afternoon? EVERYTHING. Stopped at another bike shop where I picked up a rack and a bag that attaches to the rack and a much better headlight and taillight. Now I won't feel so invisible as I hurtle along Canal street after dark. While installing the rack, I discovered I don't own a 10-speed, I own a 12-speed. That explains a lot and clears up my confusion about the slipping chain in the lowest gear: it wasn't slipping, it was simply on a lower gear than I thought existed.

That bicycle shop, though, I don't think I'll go back to. The guy acted like I was somehow rushing him and wasn't really interested in selling me anything. Then he bustled me out of the shop as fast as he could, wouldn't let me at least put the rack on inside - and there was plenty of space. Then one of his cronies, an older guy, hung out on the steps while I worked, just kind of glowering at me, like I was somehow disgracing their good name by being there. This shop is on Canal street west of Broadway and isn't exactly in a glam location. Don't think I'll use them again.

Legs were hurting at some points in today's riding and I think I need to give my legs a rest. It's been three days of hard use. Still, I need to find a way to squish in a long run this weekend.

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