March 17, 2006

medical update

All day I've been thinking about the Brooklyn Half. Derek Rose has written about looking forward to it, too. I even ran into an older runner this evening while getting to the 96th street station who was wearing a new-looking long-sleeve T with the NYRR logo on the back, among others. I caught up with him and asked him if he was running the Brooklyn Half tomorrow and he allowed as how he was. He was embarassed being caught in a faux-pas - wearing the run's t-shirt before the run itself. I didn't care, but I did notice the nice graphic for the front, and it dawned on me that since sometime mid-fall, NYRR has had the most awesome graphics for the race shirts!

So, basically, I feel like I'm missing the party, the social event of the season; like the little kid who's too sick (or been too naughty) to go to his friend's birthday party. And going for my own run tomorrow and cheering on the finishers as they come in just isn't going to be the same. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a clean, simple, two laps of Prospect Park tomorrow.

I had a checkup today and my PFTs are much better. I am back in the low 40's for my PFT1 percentile, an upwards change of 15 points! The numbers back up exactly what I'm feeling: that while not the best I've had it in the last year, I'm way, way up from my low of a month ago. The numbers, too, are only average for me. Significantly improved from the last PFTs, but noticeably below my previous best. I think getting back to running will be just the ticket to get the PFTs up another few points.

The asthma remains something to be reckoned with and I guess that won't ever change. I did find out that I'm supposed to be on BOTH Spiriva and Advair. (I'd quit the former when given the latter.) So that might help. And, I've gained a whole pound and a half!

As I type this, the last of my IVs are dripping into my arm and tomorrow after my run, I'll meet the home nurse to remove the mid-line. Having full use of my right arm will be a welcome change.

Now, on a different topic, I bought some new running shoes last Monday and wore them the last two days. These new 992's are a half-size larger than my old 991s and I'm having some problem adjusting to them. I fear I might have purchased them too large and will have to drop more money to get the next half-size down. Size 8 is tight, sure...but that's what I currently have in the 991's and I really like the way the old ones fit. On the other hand, perhaps I could just lace a bit tighter and give them time to break in better, eh?


Beast said...

Sorry you won't be at the starting line. Hope to see you at the finish.

Steve said...

During your last PFT Do you recall what your FEV1 was? (%) and was that result, post bronchodilator?

Steve said...

Of course there are other factors, but yes, An FEV1 of <35% predicted, is considered "severe" if the measurement was taken AFTER meds were given. Actually, the correct terminology would be "severe air-flow obstruction"

In your situation, the FEV1 increased signifcantly AFTER meds, putting you in the " moderate" catagory. The good news, is that these results indicate that you have some reversibility.

Would you happen to have any of the other numbers from the PFT? ie.
Fev25-75, FVC, Ratio , PEFR etc