March 17, 2006

brooklyn half upcoming

To everyone going out tomorrow to run the Brookyn Half: good luck! Fast feet kids!

It breaks my heart I won't be running it this time, but I'll be with you in spirit. I'm going to go up to Prospect Park bright and early and jog two loops; see if I can't make it up the big hill without stopping, at least the first time around. I'm hoping to time the last of the run with the head of the pack coming in to the park, so I can watch a lot of people finish and cheer them on. Hope to see all my blogging friends there.


Steve said...

Not feeling up to it?

Brooklyn said...

Well, depends what you mean by feeling up to it. My lungs are feeling up to it (and I'm looking forward to some miles tomorrow); but considering that last weekend was the first time I'd run in two months...I suspect that at this juncture, 13.1 miles would simply leave me crippled.

'Course...then I could join the ultra-cool-elite-'thletes: Achilles!