December 29, 2005

I am not in the mood a couple of ways. First, I'm just not in the holiday spirit this year. Haven't been since Halloween. I am deeply thankful I got to see most of my family over these holidays, but the rest of it just wasn't on my radar. I've got unopened presents, which I will stretch out over the rest of Hannukah (thanks Mom!) and a half-dozen Christmas cards to reply to. I didn't send out any of my own this year. I'd love to brag about having participated in a marathon and my performance at Staten Island... but that's about the only reason to write an end-of-year letter and I think that falls under the "pride" part of the seven deadly sins.

The other mood I'm not in is a running mood. I've been dropping/reducing several runs lately and have begun to feel like my depressed lung function is just an excuse - that I could tough it out if I tried. And I will, I suppose. I'm skipping today's workout, as I really didn't want to face rain this morning, but have only two things planned for tomorrow: Salvaging what tools I can from an unintentionally water-logged toolbox and a slow run of at least eight miles. I realize that winter has this effect on a lot of runners, but I was much more gung-ho last winter.

I'm looking foward to Emerald Nuts Midnight run; hopefully the party and short workout will snap me out of this winter funk.

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Wil said...

Ugh, I know how this goes - it really has to be the weather, there are so many out there with the Blahs. But, spring is almost here! Hang on ;)