December 28, 2005

I am a monkey's uncle

Well, I didn't do a long run this last weekend. I did about half. My sister took me to Forest Park in St. Louis and we did the asphalt/gravel trail there, about 5.5 miles we think. I had a good first couple of miles, but really had to fight in the third mile. the last couple got progressively better and better and I finished feeling strong, knowing my legs could keep going, but my lungs were once again the weakest link. I had to walk three or four times, though not far each time. I guess Rachel got a very up-close idea of what my runs are like.

Two days later, we went to a converted trail that runs behind Grants Museum and Grants Farm. This is a long, straight, flat trail. I only stopped to walk once, and even that was merely a pause. We only did about four miles, but the quality of that workout made up for the lack of quantity. The first couple miles went fairly smoothly, if slow, and I ran the last mile and a half very well, even picking up a couple of strides. Again, I don't think my lungs would have held out for more than another couple of miles, but the legs are feeling good.

The biggest bright point was that my sister took my little nephew (the monkey in question) with us in the jogging stroller. She doesn't often take him with her on her runs, as the stroller really slows her down and is quite difficult, she says, but I think it was a treat for my nephew and myself. He sat quiet and behaved until we turned around, when he decided he wanted to run with us - or more to the point, me. I have to admit, he might have the makings of a runner when he gets older. He ran nine or ten small sections, with little walks in between, probably a quarter-mile or more. And not slowly, either. I was jogging slowly and he was keeping up on those little legs! My sis and I finally realized, though, that this stop-and-go would keep continuing unless we could get him back in the stroller and the only way to do that was for me to run on ahead. So I did, and my sister, with nephew in the stroller, chased me about twenty yards behinds for the rest of the run.

He's cute at this age and yes, he can climb like a monkey. (click for bigger)

Got to get back on the schedule. Got to get serious about this training. May have to revise the long runs schedule, though, to more accurately reflect what I can do right NOW.


Nathan Sports Quickdraw Plus Bottle (and holder): this is OK. The holder is great! Fits my RAZR perfectly. Fits around the hand very nicely; adjustable strap; reflective bits. The BOTTLE is garbage. As a holder, I highly recommend. But do yourself a favor and leave the bottle in the store; it's not worth carrying home. (Details: rubber cap is bite-friendly, but the seal is for crap.)

(similar product as...) New Balance dri-fit long-sleeve, half-zip, collared training top. Mine's in orange and grey. Awesome piece of clothing!

Ultima replenisher sports drink mix: Not bad. Packaging looks like something you wash clothes with, not drink, but the ingredients seem good. Strong flavor, but more palatable than Gatorade and less sweet than HEED.


nyflygirl said...

ultima is the devil. :)

just my humble opinion though.

they had it at vegas and we tried it at the expo...and one of my teammates decided to get a bottle of gatorade to carry during the race instead-he didnt want to take any chances.

to each his/her own, though.

Brooklyn said...

Yes, I think I'll stick to HEED myself.