September 1, 2005

killer humidity

How long can this continue? Seriously, was there ever a summer as long as this one?

After PT this morning, I stretched for awhile and did a fiver-miler in Central Park, doing a sort of u-shape out-and-back so as to get in the mileage and still end up at 96th on the Central Park West. 5.1 miles by the gmaps pedometer.

By the way, Sue and Paul's gmaps Pedometer also has a calorie counter. I'm surprised at how much I burn, if it's actually accurate.

Arrived at work just to turn in a timesheet and pick up a box that was waiting for me. Arriving all salt-encrusted, sweaty, and smelly is not the best way to show up at work; fortunately the big boss was not around.

Hot run; humid run; and some shin splints for the first half mile ('til I stopped to pee at the Boathouse) -- but really a fine run all together. No major speed, but not particularly slow either. Could it be that I'm actually getting acclimated to this?

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