January 27, 2005

Lunchtime run; bad run

The weather has turned bitterly cold again, so I packed up my running clothes and decided to run on my lunch hour at work. It was a bad run. I was supposed to put in 4 miles, but I found myself really struggling and turned around after 20 minutes, having gone perhaps a mile and a quarter, and came back, putting in maybe two and a half or three miles total.

It was the first time I've run in Riverside Park, which is a long, skinny strip of grass between Riverside Avenue and Hudson Parkway. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn't cleared of snow, the part that is was very icy today, and coming back, I found the main path to be completely clear...but paved with rounded hexagonal concrete tiles -- very difficult to walk on, I find, much less run on. The other problems were the wind, which I was running straight in to outbound, and the fifteen-degree cold, which as usual didn't help my breathing.

I left my running clothes at work and will maybe try running over to Central Park tomorrow, where I know at least the path will be easier. If I don't do four tomorrow, I'll do eight Saturday (the schedule calls for the eight on Sunday).

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KimsRunning said...

Finished reading all of Jan 2005!!
BRRRR!! I'm from the Boston area, but live in Florida now. (5 years)
I get bummed when it's below 65, although I did a race 2 weeks ago at 42 degrees with major head wind. Did a sucky 28:29 but still 1st place for my age group (42)

Headed out to read Februray!