December 10, 2013

Last post?

[The last thing I posted to Facebook before going in.]

365 days listed, 33 here at Duke.

It looks like it's a go. THIS IS HAPPENING. But before they wheel me off to surgery and I go under the dark blanket of anesthesia, I want to tell you all how much you mean to me.

If you're reading this, you're a Friend and that deserves its capital F. It means that you have brought into my life a unique enrichment worthy of holding on to. Whether we interact a little or a lot, each time we do has import to me.

I have loved each and every one of you in your own individual ways for your own individual qualities. I've loved what you bring out in me, how you enrich the tapestry of my life, how you fascinate me and inspire me, and how when we're together, we're somehow more than we are when apart. And I sincerely hope that I've managed to do the same for you.

Tonight I am reminded that this transplant I'm about to receive is not just for me. It's for you, too, because with out you all, it would not be worth it. Thank you for being part of my life so far.


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