December 19, 2013

Contemplating escape

Originally posted from my iPad...

6 am. Two failed ABGs. Now is about the point I begin to contemplate escaping from this gulag. No torture-ridden CIA hellhole could hold the wonders I've seen, nor the skills of the inquisitioners match the doctors' and nurses'.

I consider tunneling my way out, but have no equipment sturdier than my iPad with which to dig. Camouflage techniques are right out, as that would require a shower, shave, and obtaining scrubs.

Perhaps I can distract the guards by remotely triggering another patient's call button and then simply walking out. Ah, but what chance have I with my painfully slow gait, when one guard can notice me on her coffee break rounding the corner, nudge another guard 10 minutes later and say, "Hey, do you think he's making a break for it?"

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