June 9, 2011

Ten minutes

I'm stepping out to get some grub in ten minutes, but thought I'd post first.

Had a doctor's appointment today. I outlined some of the problems I'm having, such as the low blood sugars at night and, of course, increasing tightness and shortness of breath, etc. I'll have to talk with the endocrinologist soon.

We did PFTs of course, and they were the lowest I've ever had. FEV1 is 20% of predicted. :( I had no idea I'd slipped that far - I don't feel *that* short of breath. I ran 6.5 miles on Sunday. I'm a little winded at the top of stairs, but nothing like what I've experienced before. And yet the numbers don't lie.

So IVs will start again Friday. For the record, my last ones were in December, not September as I'd thought. So I managed a six-month stretch. Not too bad! But I'm not looking forward to the side effects of the IVs, such as the yeast infections. For that matter, I'm also going on a course of White Candy (prednisone) and not looking forward to the side effects of *that* either.

I've also dropped some cash on a new window AC for the kitchen. The old one was 11 years old and had just had it. I'm setting it out on the sidewalk with the trash tonight. The one in the bedroom is 8 years old and seems to be holding up OK. The new one in the kitchen has some automatic features for saving energy (I just heard the fan lower a bit, now that it's finally cooler in here) and has an ionizing mode. :) It is 12,000 BTU and heavy as hell, but I managed it. It has to cool 2/3 of the apartment, so I needed a big one.

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