October 25, 2010

Off the IVs, off the prednisone; UGH

Prednisone gives me such energy and makes me feel so good. I can breathe, I can run, I can get around without pain in the joints... so why do I have to go off it? I'm back to hurting, needing painkillers, walking more than jogging, no energy to speak of, etc. Ugh. I should call my doctor. I need to anyhow, so I can get a port scheduled.

In other thoughts...

I've been trying out the GUS flavors and now there's a contender in the low-sugar, for-grown-ups soda category: Bionade.

The elderberry and lychee flavors are quite good. The ginger-orange, not so much. In fact, it's pretty bad. I haven't tried the herbs flavor yet. I'd have to say both the elderberry and lychee are unique.

By contrast, the GUS sodas come in a standard assortment of flavors plus a few interesting ones (pomegranite), but I think are still superior, especially the Dry Meyer Lemon and Dry Valencia Orange. I have purchased one of the Extra Dry Ginger Ale to try.

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