August 9, 2010

micro-brick workout

The triathletes have a name for a workout where you go from swimming to biking or (more specifically) bike to run: the brick. So-named, apparently, for how your legs feel at the transition.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to train, even though the clock is ticking. I look at the numbers on the thermometer and all my will to exercise drains away. It's OK if it's not humid, but...

So today, I went up to the gym for some stationary bike work. If I'm not going to run 4 or 5 miles, I should at least get my heart rate up for a while. I jogged a bit on the way up there, just by way of warming up so I wouldn't feel dead on the bike. Once in the gym, the 42 minutes of stationary bike went well, with an average heart rate of 141, and the equivalent of more than 14 miles traveled. This is getting me thinking that I need to air up my tires and get out on the roads for some real bike rides. I have a nagging fear of traffic, though... not fear, really...annoyance. I just don't want to DEAL with it. Well, anyway, I should start working more bike rides in - great cardio and I handle it well.

Back when I took pictures of the sandpainter in Union Square I ran into a man who'd just the previous weekend finished the NYC Tri. He and I talked quite a while (much to his wife's annoyance) and he was convinced I should train for a tri. He recommended following bike workouts with some running - "even just five minutes" - to get used to the heavy, dead-legs sensation. So that's what I did. Oddly, I found it easier to run a 10 minute per mile pace on the treadmill (1 degree incline) than I would have before the biking. I guess with a fully warmed up system, only the legs object.

And boy did they! Within seconds, my calves were cramping. I had to walk for a minute or two, then returned to running. Next time I do the bike, I'll bring the post-workout treadmill portion to 10 minutes. And keep trying to progress this pattern. It may turnout to be some of my more quality workouts! This is not to say that I'm interested in triathlons. But I am interested in finding some more variations in my workouts and more success in the running portions, especially.

I also took time stretching and foam rolling, something I seem to be more disciplined about at the gym than at home, which is stupid. But there it is.

Finally, I'm fixing to transition to a different gym. Blink Fitness is opening three locations shortly, one in the old Tower Building. And memberships are $20/month. Much more reasonable than most other places. And by putting in your email now, on their website, you get signed up not only for notice of advance sign-ups (when they start those), but also enter the contest for a three-year membership. That'd be nice!

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