July 14, 2010

difficult 2-miler

Intended 45 minutes of elliptical today, but screwed up: forgot shorts. Back to house - decide to run 2.

totally sucked. Humidity way too high for any evaporative cooling and I was oh so tight in IT bands and shins. Need to get my training back on track.


Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

Wow, how anyone runs in this weather is beyond me. You deserve a medal just for that. Anyway, I see that you are away but if you find yourself blogging about things other than your fabulous life abroad, please see the following!

July 20, 2010

Dear Cris,

We need your help in sharing the message that we have some marathon slots available to us for runners and thought your blog would be a perfect place to let people know about this opportunity.

As you may know, the 2010 ING NYC Marathon is closed to new runners, but select nonprofits have been given some runner slots for fundraising purposes. ING has identified that each runner must raise at least $2,500 – otherwise we may not use the slot. Since this is the first time we have had an opportunity like this, we simply aren’t tied into the runner community.

Would you consider including mention of the spots and our looming deadline?

Below is what we’ve just blasted out to our nonprofit constituency. Perhaps you would run it too? And if you do choose to post about us, I promise not to let any of your exes know where you are!

Thank you so very much for your consideration.

With fingers crossed optimistically,


Ashley Morgan
For Institute for Community Living
212-996-0443 x 13