April 17, 2010

Mellow 2.2 miles

Feeling pretty good today after a night of drinking. I didn't mean to drink so much, but we were having a good time and before I knew it, the bar staff was turning on the lights and putting chairs on tables. WTF?? I couldn't believe how late it was! Woke up feeling GREAT this morning!

After some breathing treatment and tea, I got out in the cloudy chill (50 degrees) with the hybrid running outfit - winter up top, summer on the bottom. :)

Not a bad run, really. Slow first mile, of course, but better than I thought it would be and the second mile was really nice. Again, I was able in the last half mile to keep running at a slow pace where I'd have been walking a couple weeks ago. I'd like to keep this up and extend up on it - probably extend my distance. Maybe tomorrow, I'll go all the way around the cemetary. 4 miles seems like a long, long way right now!


Breathinstephen said...

Racing season is almost upon us!
I'm so sick of the winter. I'll never complain about the summer heat again.

Hope you make it around the cemetery tomorrow ( that sounded weird) :-)

Danny said...

Actually I thought the title said 22 miles. I was shocked for a second!!

Well, slowly but surely you're getting back out there!