April 2, 2010

Feeling better

So I'm on my 2nd day of IVs. I'm feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday at this time: you could have run me over with a city bus and I'd have felt no worse. It was all the aches, pains, and fatigue of the flu without the fever or chills. But today, I'm about halfway back to where I want/need to be for right functioning.

I don't know why the first day knocked me down so badly. I've had all three of these medications before by IV. I've had the Benadryl before, too. But I was just so out of it. Except for breaks to start and stop my IVs, I slept 'til 3 o'clock yesterday! Today, I stayed awake through the morning IVs, lounging in bed watching episodes of Modern Family on Hulu.com. I'm kind of getting going now and it's almost 1 p.m. Well, better than yesterday I guess.

I'm still not going for a run, despite the beautful weather. Experience has taught me that until my PICC site feels "fine" again, the periodic swing of my arm as I run will only aggravate the site. Hopefully, I'll be ready to run tomorrow and that my PICC site will be a lot less tender. I'm getting some flexibility and usefulness out of that arm now anyway, so I have high hopes.

Coram called this morning, in the middle of my IVs and while I was making a string of phone calls to help facilitate a large donation to the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Coram wanted money. I can't blame them. I automatically put their statement aside until several months have passed from the dates of service, because it takes that long for them and insurance to agree to what I actually owe. I checked my bank account and was able to pay what I owe Coram in full. Well, there goes any hope I had of going to the movies anytime soon. Still, it feels good to get that bill off the table.

Another thing that gives me hope: as I wrap up my taxes, some of what I have to add up for the past year includes mortgage interest. My taxes got a little more complicated this year because I refinanced from a 10/30 interest-only ARM to a 30-year fixed, standard. As I punched numbers in from my statements to my financial software (I know, I know - I should have done that months ago!) I was pleasantly surprised. Whereas before I was paying a flat amount towards principal every month and paying X amount in interest, now I'm paying 10% more toward principal every month than I was, while paying significantly reduced interest - to the tune of a total monthly payment that is $500 less than what I was paying before. Each month I can see the numbers change: principal payment slightly higher, interest paid slightly lower. Very gratifying. Now if energy bills weren't so freakin' high, I might actually feel like I'm getting ahead.

A few things to chase down on Monday, since my primary doctor's office is closed 'til then (Happy Passover guys and gals!). I need to renew my referral to my CF specialist and I need to see the doc or a specialist about my nosebleeds. I went all winter w/out a single nosebleed and now I have blood gushing out my nose every time I cough hard and it takes 20 - 45 minutes to stop. That can't be normal. It makes me suppress my cough and that's not good, either.

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