March 28, 2010

fresh air; fresh start; fresh run

Two miles this afternoon. Slept 11 hours last night, still tired. Got out for a run while it was still raining, cold, and windy.

Not the fastest I've ever done this two-mile route, but it was good to be out. Halfway through the run, like literally at my turnaround point, the wind died away, the rain stopped, and the sun came out, all in about four minutes. All of a sudden I went from being underdressed for the run to overdressed. Weird.

Fighting the lungs. Legs stiff, too. But right now, during this short post-run grace period, I feel really good. This is my reward. I'm going to go get some coffee and muffin while the sun is still out. I've been working on cleaning off my desk, which is generally a depressing slog through old paperwork, old bills, and piled up medical statements. I have tons to get done tomorrw and Tuesday and would love to start the week with a clean house and clean desk.

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