January 2, 2010

torturous new year's run

Okay, not exactly on the New Year, as I was very busy Friday trying to get too much done before everybody went home for the weekend... but for the FIRST RuN of the NEW YEAR - certainly every run after this will be better. Have to be better.

This was one of those rare runs where I underestimated the weather and consequently underdressed. Since it was overcast, I thought it was warmer than it really was (26 degrees) and didn't notice the wind until I turned onto 4th ave. The windchill was easily in the single digits and I was dressed only in one layer, with thin gloves. Bad mistake.

I forged ahead, trying to keep going. I didn't expect the first mile to be anything great, but I was hoping for better than a 15:00 minute mile! Coming back was not much better, even though downhill: 13:00 mile. :( What the hell? Well, I was walking a lot more than usual, as the wind was so bad I was trying to hide behind vehicles between gusts and also losing time collecting what I was hocking up. The phlegm was the only productive part of this run!

Well, by the time I stumbled into my house, I had lost feeling in my fingers and most of my toes. The next hour was spent with hot tea in the tub trying to warm up again. The pain in my toes as feeling returned was tremendoius - been a LONG time since things got that bad. I've run races in single-digit weather, but not with wind, and didn't have the problems then that I had today.

Did make some progress on my hackintosh. I installed tiny7 - a version of Windows 7 and will play with that for awhile. It may be lacking some components that Vectorworks needs, though, so this might not work. I did get Leopard 10.5.8 running on the 10.1" netbook and that's a step forward. I'm not going to try for Snow Leopard yet - this netbook's getting sold soon so I can move on to the next model. Well. This is what winter and unemployment is for: learning new things. Considering taking a class in Flash or javascript programming at FIT. Need to inquire on Monday. In the meantime - Macy's stike!

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