September 11, 2009

Dazed & confused

This post has nothing to do with running. Really.

I remember what I forgot on my last post, why I had posted at all: wheezing. I had a couple days of very loud wheezing. Not when I was teaching, thankfully, but at most other times. Of course, I'd been out of Pulmozyme for a couple of days...but... am I so dependent on Pulmozyme? Yes, I think so. Fortunately, I got a new prescription sent in so that now the Pulmozyme will come on 90 day cycles, instead of monthly, which should help keep me from running out!

This has been a long, hard week. Sunday, tenant moves out, fine. Monday, fixing electrical and plumbing. Getting supplies for patching and painting (which is tomorrow's big task). Thought I had a family lined up to sign the lease. They had a couple strikes against them, but I was willing to give them a change. But then they texted that they were no longer interested: had taken a walk around the neighborhood and didn't like how close I was to a porn shop. REALLY? How could you not like being close to a porn shop! LOL Ah, never mind. I'll get someone in soon enough.

So. How many fucking meltdowns do I have to witness before I get to have one of my own? I am watching people get downright desperate. There's a hungry look in everyone's eyes and they all look to me for help or guidance. Student at FIT - complete meltdown - boyfriend breaking up w/ her by phone. What an asshole. Teacher at FIT. Was kind of drowning the first class, I thought by the second class, he'd started to get his act together, but he didn't teach the content WELL...just no experience as an instructor and no natural talent for it, I guess. Well, he's been replaced and we will have a new instructor next week, the one whom I believe wrote the course content to begin with (many instructors for different sections of the course).

Then a good friend of mine got some very bad news for his business venture and is looking at having to sue his landlord or something... he was not in good shape when I went to hand him a business proposal. OK... "here's a one-sheeter; look at when you have the time, there's no reason to rush this."

Budgets melting down and I'm trying to bid on jobs I have NO idea what their previous budgets were, much less what the "reduced" budgets are. My bids are wild shots in the dark. I can either do the job for what I am quoting, or I can't do the job. Maybe I can cut 10 or 15%, but that's it. I know what I know and I know what that costs.

Expediter finally called with some interesting history of my house, though not good news. Don't yet know what this means for my renovation.

I think I'm getting slightly sicker. If I were smart, I'd call my doctor Monday morning and say, "let's do it." I feel positive about the running right now, even though I missed today's run due to weather and working 'til 8 p.m. Guess I'll put in four or five miles tomorrow, then take it easy on Sunday's half-marathon. I think my training is generally on track, though I doubt I'll meet even last year's time in the marathon. Well, who knows? But I know I'm not going to get any faster or breathe any better if I don't do IVs between now and then.

And now: soup.

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