July 25, 2009

tough 5 miler

Yesterday's "easy 5" didn't happen - had to squeeze in a gym workout between job and going to see Fuerzabruta. The gym workout wasn't terrible, but I had no energy. 20 minutes bike, 18 minutes (1.5 miles) treadmill. Far short of my goal. See new sidebar widget. I have no idea how to share the run inline in the post. Whatever. Nike+ will be used for treadmill runs, RunKeeper for road runs.

Had no energy today, either, and struggled through the "easy 5" on the calendar. If you go see the full stats of the run below, you'll see a fairly uneven pace - lots of walking. I had oh so carefully mixed up a bottle of HEED - first time in months, as I'd been opting for water, Gatorade, or Sustained Energy. Yes, mixed up a full bottle of HEED for the hot run -- and promptly forgot it. Realized almost a mile into my run that I wasn't carrying it. :( It hurt me as much mentally as physically - degradation on both ends, for realz. In the map, you can see my trip out to the end of the pier - it's that short jut into the WATER. You can also see my walking sidetrip into Owl's Head Park itself in search of a water fountain. I found one! Now I know where it is, I'll take advantage of it more often.

Ended my run at DD for much-deserved iced coffee and muffin. They have never kicked me out for being shirtless, but it seems to help get me served faster. :)

I must do better tomorrow. I only hope I'll sleep better tonight than I did last night and that I can get up early enough to take advantage of the cool morning for my planned nine miles. I hope I don't forget my damn water bottle. I hope things just go better.

Also, I can't seem to get my motorcycle fixed. Lots of delays keep me from tearing into it, but that WILL happen before this weekend is over. Funny thing is, if I weren't running, if I weren't training for a marathon, this would be done already. Motorcycling has definitely taken a back seat to my other activities this year. It is partly a matter of money - subway is cheaper and so is running - but also just that my health maintenance must come first - that includes therapy, running, AND sleep. Log time for all that plus work and being a biker begins to fade.

And now, late at night, my gout is kicking in for the first time in several weeks. Well...kicking in hard. It's always present now to some degree, but usually it's just a dull ache. Right now, it's getting difficult to walk again. :(


Christie said...

Please don't forget your water bottle tomorrow. It's getting hot out there.

runliarun said...

I'm trying to imagine, from what I know about New York, where it is you are running. The map helps. It must be hot and humid there now. I could not do five miles without water.