July 15, 2009

One flag!

Second training run. Supposed to be six miles of hills - became 4 miles on a hilly route (one lap around the cemetary the "hard" direction). Not bad in the first mile with the big hills, but things got worse. Difficult to run after work. Was coughing a lot - a LOT. To the point that some fatass sitting in his van asked ME if I was all right! This could have been a lot better...

Training plan calls for 6-7 miles of hills every Wednesday for the first seven weeks, but I'm going to have to work up to that. Starting with 4 is reasonable, I think. Eventually, I'll go directly to Central Park from Spaeth and do a loop, for a very hilly 7-mile Wednesday run.

Well, I'm only two days into training - can't expect miracles at this point.

Here's dinner, though; looks good, yes?

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