June 26, 2009

gym workout

Though it was sunny most of today, it was pretty warm, too, and I hadn't been to the gym in a number of days, so that's where I headed. I make sure to bring clean clothes this time, though, as last time I hit the grocery after the gym, I got some sidelong glances.

30 minutes stationary bike, 1 mile on the treadmill with ever-increasing pace and incline. I could have gone further, actually. I felt like I had another quarter-mile in me, maybe. Stretching and foam rolling after that, and work with the foot board. Pushups (30), pullups (13), and situps (30).

Some of what I do at the gym is to duplicate the exercises the sports therapist makes me do when I'm injured. In that way, I hope to not get injured. I am lax about using therabands, though, and will have to start bringing my own. Sure, I could do those just as well at home, but it isn't the same. Being at the gym makes me focus on JUST working out, instead of being distracted by emails, TV, phone calls, and the like.

There are, however, TVs at the gym. In fact, most of the bikes and treadmills and ellipticals, and stairmasters ad nauseum have a TV in front the turns on when you plug in your headphones. So while riding the bike, I watched the news. I watched in vain for anything on the crisis in Iran - the coverage was 100% MJ. Now, I'm sorry he passed, but so did two other stars and a whole lot of people in Iran! I wish we had our priorities straight.

I am amused by some of the commercials on those TVs. It must be some kind of gym-TV service because I haven't seen some of these commercials anywhere else, like the one for diabetes, urging people to "know your number". Every time I see the woman reeling off statistics about how many diabetics there are in America, I feel like raising my hand - only that would mean the heartrate monitor on the bike would stop working for a minute.

I'm also amused by the people who come work out for 10 minutes. I grant that some of them shouldn't work out for more than that, not 'til they lose some weight, and I'm happy to see them there; but there are definitely some actor-types who sort of fart around on the equipment for ten or fifteen minutes then go preen in front of the lockerroom mirrors for half an hour. Sheesh. Me, I'm in and out of that locker room as fast as I can.

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Samantha said...

I hate the people who are on a treadmill/elliptical machine and start talking on their cell phone. Really, what's the point?