June 7, 2009


So it's funny how coincidences can just come together. I've been reading an Uncle John's book, Salute to the Armed Forces, and yesterday morning came across a section on something I didn't know existed: gliders in WWII. They were used to deliver troops and supplies into war zones and were throw-away craft. Not fifteen minutes later, I'm logged into a news-aggregator website and click on the comments for the requisite D-Day link and the very first comment was from a guy describing how his grandfather flew gliders in under fire! Then, later that night, a friend hands me a copy of Letters From Iwo Jima, which I'm ripping now for my iPod. I don't know that that has any gliders in it, tho.

Running this week has been a little lumpy, but it got done. Saturday was 5 miles, a little slow due to heat - and this while the roofers were getting their job done.

Today, I got early and met M to go to the Mini 10K. I took pictures all morning and will get some links up in here ASAP.

But right now, the Tonys are on. I already know my former teacher Brian MacDevitt won for best lighting design. Yay, Brian! Unfortunately, that means a man I twice assisted, Howell Binkley, has to be satisfied with another nom on his enviable record.

And holy shit, is that Dolly Parton on my Tonys? And Liza-fuckng-Minelli herself? Awesome. But it still doesn't lessen my burn over how fuckng commercialized the televised awards show is now. They're cutting so much to feature more and more performer-focused content. American Theatre Wing needs to get control over this again, move it back to PBS and give it back its dignity.

Oh, I did go see my friend Matt Smedburg in Verdi's A Masked Ball two nights ago. It was a nice little opera at a poor Brooklyn playhouse. Matt is off to Vanderbilt in a few weeks for studies in math and I wish him the best.


Michelle said...

Hey C,
It was great spending time with you today! I had fun running and chatting with you after!

Can't wait to see some of the cool photos you took today!!!

Christie said...

I wonder how many of those photos are scandalous. Probably T&A every where. lol