June 10, 2009

Catching up; falling down.

Well. What a strange last 10 days or so it's been, weather-wise. Storms, then sunshine, then storms, with nothing moderate in-between. Even my roofer is a little spooked by it.

So, yeah, called the roofer and had him come back. After Sunday and Monday's storms, I checked the roof and decided that while the low spot was better, it still wasn't good enough, particularly since it meant the big puddle sat squarely over a seam in the roofing. Now, I trust that Alex's team did seal the seam, but I don't KNOW that it's a perfect seal, especially since there were a few spots where the flashing cement wasn't showing (squeezed out between the overlapping sheets). So Alex spent some time today trying to even out the low spot and I'm satisfied that the extra layer will, if nothing else, prevent water from leaking down through the roof, even if drainage will never be spot-on perfect. (It isn't perfect on any of these roofs.)

After that, I went for a short run. I'd meant to go out a lot earlier and do maybe 5 miles, but between the roofers and how sore I was from yesterday's workout, I just did my usual 2 miles. My reasoning is that it is better to get out EVERY DAY and do a workout of some kind, even if it's short, and to build up that habit while I can, before marathon training starts. Hope I'm right.

Now, yesterday's workout was 30m stationary bike on the "Alpine Pass" program, which varies in resistance a little too much for me. I was constantly dialing up resistance during the valleys and dialing it down at the hardest peaks. With that done, I stretched, foam-rolled, then lifted weights for an hour. I'm getting stronger already, I can tell. But I might have overdone it, as I was pretty sore this morning, especially in the calves.

So, of course, that's another reason to go exercise - to work out post-workout soreness, right? And then something happened that hasn't happened to me in a couple years - I tripped and fell. I don't know what I tripped OVER. I was on perfectly flat, level sidewalk; pretty good sidewalk, actually, with no cracks or tilts. WTF? It was one of those slo-mo deals where the moment you trip, it registers, and you can see impact coming. I hit palms-down, though I was already trying to make it a roll, and so I scuffed up my hands, right forearm, and right knee and calf. Not bad. My luck didn't get any better after that. Not 30 seconds later, as I was up and running again, I coughed up a big ol' glob and while spitting it out, didn't aim well enough or something and got it all over my right leg. Still, I finished the run, though not very well.

I hope tomorrow brings some damn sunshine for a change.


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Wow Chris that sounds like a crappy old run. Hope you're not too sore from the fall. Goodonya for getting out there in the annoying weather. I'll hope for sunshine for you!

Christie said...

Damn, that sucks. Some days are just like that. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Michelle said...

Chris sorry you fell. I think I told you I feel twice up on the boards and I could have sworn there were no nails sticking up to trip me. I just went down. It was winter so I had gloves and running tights on but still I got bruised up.

I don't see the sun yet today. I got in 4 miles barely! The weather is playing havoc with my running!!