May 11, 2009


That word describes my 1.5 miles today. Legs hurt from yesterday. Really struggled to get up the damn hill. Coming back down the hill was OK and no walking, but man it was all just such a struggle. Coughing up more and greener, too. Extended the route a tiny bit, maybe an extra 25 yards. Going to keep extending the route little by little until I'm running a full 3 miles every day (while, of course, doing longer distances on weekends). then I'll be ready to begin real marathon training. I'm trying to use these short runs to re-train myself in knuckling down and continuing on through the coughing spells and not walk.

Talked to nutritionist at diabetes center today. She didn't really have a lot of new information for me, and I don't think she is trained in CF nutrition needs. In fact, she asked me if I'd seen a CF dietician recently. Are you kidding me?? Most recent was a brief chat with one about five years ago.

So we talked a lot about what I can and can't digest, even with enzymes. She didn't push any particular changes other than to get more protein with breakfast and less at dinner. She generally liked my diet, but commented how whole milk is saturated fat and maybe I could use 2% or 1%. I pretty flatly turned that down. Milk fat is one of the few fats I CAN digest and I'm not going to restrict that. I'll get my HDL and LDL levels checked next time somebody sticks me for blood. Until then, I'm not concerned.

My blood sugar levels are generally good, especially before meals, though I'm going to keep track of after-meal levels, too. They are a little high. She's not certain that my doctor will prescribe insulin, but we went over the use of an insulin pen anyway. I think it's just part of the training course.

So all in all, I wasn't particularly impressed or filled with new information, but it was productive enough. Oh, and she got me a new meter. So now when the new meter comes from Abbott, I'll have a backup. This could be good to have, if these little things are going to go tits-up so often.

And under the heading of "worst ad pairings seen on the train", I give you this State Farm Ad with the next ad posted right next to it.

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Michelle said...

Yikes what an ad paring.

I am in the city today and all I did on the train was make sure nobody sneezed on me but wouldn't you know it, I was sitting next to a sneezer!!! At least he was sneezing into his tissue but still.....

At the doctor they had purell - you bet I am all purelled up!!!

See you Saturday?