April 20, 2009

a quick Sunday

Man today went quick. I worked the whole day on the start of a new website for a CF organization. Long way to go, but a good, solid start. Have sent off the results to the editor for approval before I go too deep into building the rest of the pages; though with .css making stylistic changes is fairly easy. My extensive experience in Photoshop and Illustrator are helpful as well.

Well, I should have rested Saturday and done my run today. It was 15 degrees cooler and we didn't get the rain that had been predicted on Friday. THAT will come tomororw.

Which kinda sucks for the poor souls about to run the Boston Marathon. I'll be up trying to find live coverage on TV and rooting for my friends Steve G., Steve Walker, and Mark. Steve G has severe asthma and was accepted as a special-case walker, Steve Walker is a runner w/ mild exercise-induced asthma and will be tackling this marathon with a minimum of training, and Mark is a fellow runner with CF. He's much faster than me, though. :)

I am going to apply to the New York state Over 21 program, which helps out adults with CF pay their medical bills. What their insurance doesn't pick up, they do - but in exchange for 7% of your income. For a lot of us, I'm guessing the choice is easy - that would be far less than what we pay out of pocket on many health insurance plans. Me, I'm subject to a $3,000 cap on my out-of-pocket expenses, supposedly, but I do spend that nearly every year, sometimes more. Hopefully, I won't be charged too much for participation in the program, especially after the dismal numbers my 2008 taxes show. Maybe with this program, I'll go bankrupt a little bit slower.

tomorrow, it's back to the real world. Got to prep for teaching a class I haven't seen in 3 weeks - half of whom didn't do their homework last week. I actually don't care if they do their homework - I am evaluating how they're doing on in-class work as we go. As long as they pick up skills x, y, and z to some extent, then I'm satisfied. Still, I do give quizzes and have to give a final. THAT is coming up rather quickly.

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