March 2, 2009

baby, it's cold outside

Right now it takes so little to tire me out, I wonder when I'm going to get over this. March is beginning in the poorest way possible. Last night we got several inches of snow and the city decided it was high time to be paralyzed for the day. Bunch o' pussies, if you ask me. There's not even enough snow out there to safely make snow ice cream, but they canceled the public schools and FIT canceled classes, too. But *I* made it out of bed and got my steps and walk shoveled by 9, like the law says. (Neighbors still haven't shoveled - going to have to talk to Charlie, the owner of the building, about that for next winter, I think.) And I managed to get a few phone calls made and get to my doctor's appointment on time.

The new CF center (it has other purposes, too) is pretty nice looking. Needs some warmth and to have the edges worn off, but it's a nice layout. I think I finally met Ida, though I was in no mood to talk, as I was fighting my asthma pretty hard by the time I arrived.

Dr. DiMango didn't seem to need repeat PFTs. I didn't feel like I did well on the blow, but it told DiMango all she needed to know, I guess. I don't think she believed I actually had the flu, back when I talked to her a couple weeks ago before her vacation. But the results of that and the lung infection coming back are obvious.

So she's keeping me on cipro, putting me on Zyvox, and another short course of Prednisone. Here come the crazies. And, hopefully, the munchies. I lost a few pounds while I had the flu and I need to gain them back.

This wintry weather isn't all bad. I actually like snow itself - I just don't like the slush. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow, no matter how cold it is. I'm tired of grey skies.